10 Aug

Well…I have my first hater! Does that make me official? Am I initiated into the blogging world?

Apparently my last post was controversial…??

Someone re-posted my last blog entry and criticized my use of Dylan’s picture and name, and alleged that I am exploiting my “son” and setting him up for employment discrimination in the future.

I took time to ponder how my blog might affect Dylan (As I did numerous times before ever creating it). Am I harming him? Will my blog hurt his future? After thoughtful reflection, I decided to message the person…

My reply was simple: I see that you have some strong opinions regarding my blog post. Clearly you didn’t even read my blog, or you’d know that the kid I posted about is my brother, not my son. I’m sorry my post evoked such an intense reaction, and for the discrimination you’ve faced in your life. We are all entitled to our own opinions. And, posting a picture of a 9 year old, with no last name, will not ever prohibit Dylan from getting a job. But his behavioral issues might.

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