6 Degrees of Separation- Part 2

17 Nov

Back in October I posted about helping a little girl get an autographed picture from Jillian Michaels (you can read that story here ). Jillian’s project manager somehow saw my post and got in contact with me to let me know he was inspired by the story and wanted to “pay it forward”.

Yesterday I came home to a package with all of this inside:


3 books and 3 DVDs!!!!

And this one, addressed to me


I was shocked! All of this?! For me?! I am so humbled and grateful that this man saw my story and wanted to send me all of this. And that Jillian wanted to do this for me, too. It is way above and beyond. I just can’t believe it. But it’s an amazing gift, and it came at a perfect time.

And, this all happened because of Allbri and her family over at Because They Chose Us.

Amazing how our lives intertwined again. That little girl has no idea how many lives she’s touched 🙂

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