And the award goes to…

6 Dec


My brother got an award this week for a story he wrote. I got to see a video of the ceremony where he got up at the podium, read his story aloud, and then received an award.

He walked up like a pro. He got on his stand, leaned into the microphone and read his story for everyone.


What impressed me more than the story he wrote, which described a field trip his class took to a local farm, was how he presented it to the audience. He first read his introduction: his name and the title of his story. Then he proceeded to read the short story. He spoke with perfect volume. His sweet voice enunciated each word. He followed along on his paper, then turned the page when he needed to. He looked up at the crowd when he finished. He said “thank you” when handed his award. And then he smiled. He smiled because knew he did a great job.

He looked like any other kid his age up there at that podium…. because in so many ways he IS just like any other kid his age! He fit right in.

The things no one taught him were my favorite…. No one taught him to lean into the microphone. No one taught him to turn the page. No one taught him to look up at the crowd. No one taught him to smile. He did all those things naturally. And, I know what a big deal that is.


The saying goes, “You don’t know how far you’ve come unless you know where you started.” Well, I know exactly where this little boy started, and I see how far he has come. Some of his progress I can attribute to direct and intentional instruction. He has worked hard at school and in therapy. But some of his progress is natural maturation. He’s growing up and he amazes me constantly.


Good job, Dylan. I am so proud of you, not just for your awesome story about the farm, but for what a great job you did reading it for everybody.

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