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10 second phone call

25 Jul


This week I had the best phone call I’ve had all year… And it was only 10 seconds long.

This is how it went:

Me: Hello?
Dylan: Hi, this is Dylan. How are you?
Me: Oh hi Dylan! I’m good, how are you?!
Dylan: I’m good. I just called to say hi.
Me: Oh okay. Im glad you called. I miss you. I hope you have a great day!
Dylan: Talk to you soon. Bye.
Me: Okay, I love you! Bye!

My sister is working with Dylan to teach him how to call people. Our conversation was entirely scripted. But! The goal is to prompt him through phone calls a few times, then fade the prompts and let him try it independently.

Some may wonder why this is important to me or why I think it’s so great, being that it was completely prompted. Well… For one, he willingly did it. Two, he’s learning the abstract concept that a person can be represented by a phone. He can talk to someone even though he can’t see them. Three, he is learning several important skills: how to dial numbers, the etiquette for greeting someone, asking questions, waiting for the response, and saying goodbyes.

The ability to make phone calls, which is so simple for most of us, does not come naturally to Dylan or other kids like him. It must be broken down and taught. And, it’s a skill that we can teach progressively to open up new doors for him.

Along with learning how to call family members we can teach him how to place food orders over the phone, how to make emergency calls, how to make phone plans with friends, how to set appointments, etc. The possibilities are endless!

I’m looking forward to my phone call from him next week. ūüôā

1 year

23 Jul

Today marks my 1 year anniversary here at The Autism Onion! I made my first post a year ago, and began my Onion journey!

In the past 365 days my site has gotten just over 11,500 views.

*falls to the floor*

And, The Autism Onion has been viewed in 62 countries!

*falls to the floor again*

For those of you Mega-Bloggers, I know this is piddly. I get it, some blogs get those kinds of views every day.

But, for me and my little blog…this is incredible.¬† I have been able to connect with and share my story with so many people. It’s amazing.

Thank you for reading my blog. And, here’s to another year of The Autism Onion!

Search Engine Saga Continues…

10 Jul

You may recall my post about Googling autism and the horrific things that popped up. I then did a follow up, sharing Google’s response as well as my findings on other popular search engines.

I decided to re-examine search engine suggestions and here is what I found today… (click to enlarge)


On the whole… the results look pretty similar to the way they did 3 months ago. Some things have changed…slightly…like some of the¬†#1 suggestions being positive rather than negative. But there is certainly still work to be done, as¬†at least half¬†of the searches still propose murder. I get that some people will always think those with autism are “annoying” or “rude”. And as much as I wish that wasn’t the case…I¬†know that ignorance and¬†entitlement to¬†opions are going to exist.¬†But, death¬†wishes are unacceptable. This kind of hatred needs to end. Any response, Google??


10 Jul

I compiled a list of odd things I’ve ACTUALLY used as reinforcers with kids I’ve worked with:

  • Nutri-Grain bars
  • Sips of my Starbucks coffee (with the parent’s permission, of course)
  • Taking pictures together
  • Pinching a kid’s cheeks (yes, he liked it!)
  • Access to the window to watch gardeners
  • Painting fingernails

And probably the oddest thing I’ve used…

  • Sitting in my trunk (I drive an SUV so it’s spacious!)
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